Premium Essential Oils

We thrive on the power of sustainability.



Our company aims at providing real value to businesses and customers by producing and trading only with premium essential oils.


We aspire to make more people around the world aware of the healing powers of Bulgarian nature and the benefits of essential oils.


We are devoted to providing outstanding products and customer service. We believe in an honest and transparent communication.

Who are we?

  • We are two young people who returned to our home country to follow our dreams in the place where we belong. 
  • We are passionate, motivated and committed to give 100% in our work.
  • Our goal is to spread awareness of Bulgaria’s fascinating nature and inspire more people and companies to choose our quality products and ingredients. 
  • We created our own lavender farm in the second year of university and put a lot of effort in preparing the soil for our precious lavender seedlings. Now they are growing stronger every day because we truly love what we do.
Our Story

Interested in bulk purchasing essential oils?

We offer wholesale export of essential oils for the production of various products across industries. We are not limited in export amounts and also cater for the needs of smaller companies who are looking for premium ingredients for their products.  

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Essentia's Lavender Farm

This is our 1 year old baby lavender.  

  • Learn more about what kinds of lavender we cultivate.
  • What is special about the place where we grow our lavender. 
  • Why we say our product is premium.
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