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If you are interested in purchasing high-quality lavender essential oil, you are in the right place! Essentia's lavender essential oil  is suitable for products in the cosmetics, flavour, fragrance, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. 

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Our Lavender Essential Oil

We specialise in the production of premium quality lavender essential oil from native Bulgarian sorts of Lavandula Angustifolia. Essentia's lavender oil is used in perfumery, fragrances, cosmetics formulations, pharmaceutical and chemical products.

Background Information

Essentia Bulgaria is a farming and essential oil production company in Bulgaria. We take pride in the cultivation of premium quality Bulgarian lavandula angustifolia sorts. Our lavender fields are located in a fertile and ecologically clean region in Bulgaria. Currently, Essentia's farm consists of 15 ha lavender plantation spread in five fields in our village. 

Lavender Oil Specifications

The botanical name of our lavender is Lavandula Angustifolia, also known as Bulgarian Lavender or True Lavender. It has a clear light yellow "golden" colour. The scent of Essentia's lavender oil is fresh and herbal in the beginning, and develops to a sweet  floral, powdery aroma. Our high-quality plants produce lavender essential oil with a very good linalool/linalyl acetate ratio, high lavandulyl acetate and low camphor content.

Production method

The production method of our lavender essential oil is steam distillation. This method is regarded as the most beneficial in terms of achieving maximum quality and yield of the essential oil. Nonetheless, it is the purest method to produce an essential oil. The essential oil is extracted from the flowers and stems of the lavender plant through steam distillation.

European Quality Standards

Our lavender essential oil is produced according to the European Union safety regulations. We are able to provide an Allergen Test of our product and an official MSDS performed by a certified chemical engineer.

Quality Testing

You will receive a Gas-Chromatography quality analysis of our oil. 
However, we understand that you may wish to carry out your own quality testing. We offer a FREE sample from the batch you will be purchasing.

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International Shipping

Essentia provides international shipping worldwide. We secure all necessary Customs Documentation in order to make the process as easy and quick as possible. Our storehouse is located in Bulgaria, therefore, all deliveries are handled from there. We offer flexible shipping methods according to your preference.

Wholesale Pricing

The wholesale price depends on the quantity and whether the lavender oil is organic or conventional. Prices decrease with increasing the volume

Please note that the wholesale price of lavender oil is subject to change due to the market being volatile

Our Price list offer FOB prices, however, upon specific request we can discuss CIF, DAP or DDP prices.

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Payment Terms

Our policy with new clients is to require the whole sum to be paid before the shipment is released to the carrier. We accept Bank to Bank transfers.

    Why high-quality lavender oil is a key ingredient
     in perfumes and beauty products? 

    Lavandula Angustifolia has a history long application in the beauty and fragrance industry due to its qualities.    

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