Our Lavender Farm

Family owned Bulgarian lavender farm with a soul..

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Sustainable Farming

We started our official transition to organic farming in 2021. Our farm is committed to implementing more regenerative practices. We  minimise the use of organic fertilisers by soil health analysis and also try to decrease mechanical soil disturbance. We do not use any herbicides and pesticides in our farm. We invest in manual digging which protects the plant from aggressive weeds that are close to the stems.

Essential Oil Production

We control the full production cycle of our lavender essential oil. From harvest to distillation, packaging and dispatching. We take pride in our control mechanism which allows us to offer а full guarantee for our lavender essential oil in regard to quality and purity. Our lavenders essential oil is stored in specially coated drums in a designated area on a temperature regime.

Quality Control

We use various third-party laboratories to test our lavender essential oil. We provide a full essential oil authentication which includes a detailed analysis on the components of the essential oil and their significance. We have regular consultations with the Institute of Roses, Medical and Essential Cultures to learn about best practices in the cultivation of medicinal and aromatherapy plants.