About Us

Our Inspiration

Living in the home of the Rose Valley and the beautiful lavender fields, we grew up knowing and loving the scents of nature. Every summer since we were children, we would stay weeks in the mountains hiking and exploring the views and mystique of the Bulgarian nature. It was our hobby to gather herbs and dry them for tea. Hours under the sun looking for herbs felt like minutes. We would look for lavender, mint, chamomile, thyme and many more to create the perfect herbal tea. This became a tradition that planted the seed of our dream company. Since then we started dreaming about having our own herbal fields. Some years later, Essentia was born out of our love for Bulgarian nature and its healing powers.

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Sustainable Strategy

Our long-term strategy is to built an eco-friendly business that will benefit the society of tomorrow.

Global Impact

Our goal is to reach global markets and promote our country's potential as an international agricultural hub.

Premium Quality

We are committed to provide premium quality natural ingredients and top-notch services.

Real Relationships

We are not going for a quick sale. We are interested in forming long-lasting relationships based on trust.

The Soul of Essentia

Essentia was established by Alexandra and Nikolay. We are two young entrepreneurs who decided to follow our dreams in our home country- Bulgaria. We are proud to be part of Bulgaria’s agricultural community and contribute to the preservation of the country’s most prominent heritage as a world-famous producer of high-quality essential oils. Our goal is to spread awareness of Bulgaria’s fascinating nature and inspire more people and companies to choose quality products and ingredients. We are focused on expanding the export of quality Bulgarian essential oils, in particular lavender oil, and reaching global markets. We are motivated to create long-lasting relationships with our foreign partners.

Learn  About Our Lavender Farm

Corporate Social Responsibility


We work with farmers from underdeveloped rural regions in Bulgaria. Furthermore, for some of the cultivation processes of our lavender farm, we recruit people who belong to minorities. By giving them jobs at our lavender fields, we help them take care of their families. Our company offers them fair wages and rewards for extra hours. We contribute to converting the village, where our fields are based, into a vibrant place full of working people. Members of this community often rely on us to provide for their families. Our goal is to expand our operations and give more people opportunity to work. 


As young entrepreneurs, we are looking for different ways to finance our company. We are proud and grateful to share that we were awarded European funding for young farmers in the beginning of 2020. We will keep looking for opportunities for investment in order to buy the latest technology for agriculture and provide our customers with the best possible product. We are committed to utilise the financial support of the European Union in order to play our role in the development of a sustainable European community based on partnership and fair trade. 

Sustainable Agriculture

We are taking care of our lavender fields without harming other important members of the eco-system. Currently, we are in transition to legal bio farming and plan to make our lavender fields fully organic once they have reached the required age. We are not using harmful chemicals. In the early stages of root and stem development, we encouraged a steady growth through natural fertilisers.